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UGG (formerly UGG Australia) is an American footwear company and a division of Deckers Brands. UGG is a registered trademark in the United States and over 130 other countries for footwear, as well as bags, clothing, outerwear, home goods, and other products.

A very disappointed customer shares her review on, "The quality of UGG footwear is atrocious. Also very poor customer service with an exchange of a faulty item still underway after 2 months and no contact from UGG. Have been ignored plenty of times via email and their phone number is disconnected. Clearly a poorly run business selling poor quality goods with no focus on the customer."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no work / life balance. even as part time you get scheduled 38 hours and it’s a problem if you need to change your availability. managers talk to you like you’re beneath them."


"This was the most pathetic environment and I have ever worked for. If you made any suggestions on how to make it better or to help build and make it team work you would become an outcast and talked about. The list can go on of how many company rules and loss prevention rules were broken and how many other employees left due to nonsense that went on at this store. In addition to this their human resources and upper division management made no efforts in keeping to company standards. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had working compared to any job I have had."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very little development and training product quality has severely decreased in recent years HR coddles employees, refuses to correct unethical or unacceptable behavior Store experience depends on local management, but many areas encourage workplace bullying as a control tactic Benefits with unsecure companies, employee information stolen"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"won't let you go over 28 hrs, managers try to get into your personal life, and they will push you to the limit, to make you quit. and every manager has different rules so you always get in trouble."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"have no idea bad bad bad"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"Management Rude customers Not enough hours in the summer time"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management Disconnect from head office Hr issues never resolved No room for growth Lack of hours More politics than any other company Toxic environment"


"The management is a joke. The "big man" does NOT care about you as an employee. He tells you what you wanna hear but at the end of the day, he is out for himself. He made so many empty promises during the interview which he never lived upto, this just goes to show his lack of integrity,When you bring up serious issues, he downplays the seriousness of the situation and basically tells you to "live life". The stock room organization is an absolute mess. Having to go up and down the stairs with all the dust and the trucks is ridiculous! Employees kept getting sick from breathing in the dust and the fumes. Just horrible work conditions! They basically lack structure."


"Management only thinks of themselves"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Typical corporate company. They don't care about their employees and talking to HR about an issue will do nothing for you. Bad hours and management cannot train employees properly."

Sales/ Stock/Shipper & Receiver (Former Employee) says

"A day at work was very busy, but fun and social. You meet people from all over the world that are interested in the merchandise. The hardest part of the job is dealing with difficult customers, but ive learned that an overdose of positive attitude can extinguish any negativity in one's a fan of Uggsnot many customers in a day"

Product (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management team. Lack of professionalism and very poor leadership qualities. Very focused on pushing workers down, and putting them in there place vs. encouraging teams, collaboration and personal growth. Extremely unhealthy environment. Directors fight against each other over petty things and employee’s suffer."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management was extremely unprofessional. District Manager and Manager gossiped and said unprofessional things about their employees to other employees. Manager had extreme high expectations of staff, but didn't train employees and expected perfection. Very negative environment. Nothing positive was ever said. You never received compliments or positive reinforcement. It was always this is wrong or that is wrong. Very low pay! People were constantly leaving."

Cashier/ Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There is so much work to be done with management and their skills. Employees feel like they aren't recognized enough and they aren't motivated the way they should."

Customer Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I only managed to work there for a week before quitting there and then as management thought they could bully and intimidate me. The worst job I've had.Hourly wageEverything else"

Cashwrap lead (Former Employee) says

"Extremely bad management low pay horrible schedules the employer has a revolving door lady management and don't bother contacting upper management they will no respond ..they don't want you to work more than one job the do not promote within the company!!Discount and pay depends on positionManagement work environment schedule flexibility"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The people that work here are super cool but management lacks so much order and discretion. There is no structure and shifts are randomly given and taken .. I enjoyed my time here but management made it difficult to enjoy some shifts.Free shoes, nice co workersRude customers and management"

Marketing manager (Former Employee) says

"- Support shops through advertising - Develop, realize, control and monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns - Interaction with magazines, advertising agencies, designers, large shopping centers"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The North American Market does not get alot of attention,which leads to the lack of its success. There is little support to the management team to better our store and drive business and for a well known brand, that is absolutely disgusting. The store itself is absolutely a joke. Customers constantly ask for fitting rooms afterall, apparel is sold but of course, there is no fitting room. The stockroom is crowded every single day and creates a safety hazard for team members but of course, no one cares. Also the secondary stock room is in the basement of the mall and is also always crowded, reams of dangerous fumes and is always hot. This company doesn't care for their top talent and instead, hires people for management positions that don't care about the brand, can't communicate with staff and are very condescending. There is NO room for growth at all and pretty much, it's a job to have while in school. After that, save yourself the time of investing in this brand."

Stock Consultant (Current Employee) says

"processing of all shipping and receiving of merchandise, receives stores, picks, counts or distributes materials within establishments. Working in a fast pace yet timely manner.Get free shoeshrs getting cut"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Developed outstanding customer service and sales skills working in a busy high end shoe store in one of the busiest malls in the United States, greeting in interacting with a wide and diversified international clientele"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"very very stressful, no voice, and no growth. HR is incredibly inactive and wont action on anything. Some definite employment law violations which i wont detail but they abuse full-time retail employees and are treated as second class citizens."

magazijn en verkoop bediende (Current Employee) says

"geheim maar kan besproken worden. Maar wil het wel kwijt, ik vind dit bedrijf een kapitalistische bedrijf die weinig rekening houd met de belangen van personeel en vergoed de managers veel maar het 'hard' werkende personeel minimum.een paar leuke collegaszie boven."

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"De nombreuses heures de travail/ Forte demande et peu d'offres: Gestionnaire de stocks pour Ugg's au Printemps/ Mise en tableau pour suivi quotidien et mensuel de l'évolution du chiffre d'affaire/ Forte cadence de travail/Le contac avec clientéle du monde entiermanque de professionnalisme du management"

Sales Associate/Retail (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working in the company for a while but it did not give me complete job satisfaction"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The associates were horrible to work with. The atmosphere was too small and the manager was disrespectful. The brand itself is amazing the atmosphere was not.StockEnvironment"

Visual Merchandiser/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The ugg store makes enough money to pay their employees way more money. Especially those with experience. Heavy traffic and not enough compensation, nor commission.Free bootsLong hours, Poor compensation"

Sales Associate/ Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Feels like high school, managers, and associates, and no set policy's changes weekly."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Bonne équipe mais pas très bonne ambiance La responsable était beaucoup trop derrière moi"


"I bought two pair of black ugh boots for me and my daughter for Christmas. Horrible decisions! The boots are already looking ashy and faded. I spent close to a thousand dollars at Ugg. I will never purchase them again!"

boss hogg says

"Purchased for my daughter Christmas the numel boots on 23 Nov 2020. Did not receive until 28 December 2020. Called numerous times and customer service would not let me talk to their supervisor to show my concern about my money spent. Long story short my daughter Christmas gift was late even tho i ordered almost a month before Christmas and no kind of apology from ugg. Sad lost a customer here"

moonie poonie says

"I ordered Christmas gifts online nov 29/20. Received an email that it was shipped out nov 30. On dec 24 I called them as the tracking number had not been updated. I was told that they will look into it. I received an email dec 29 that the items are no longer available and will be refunding the $. I will never order from ugg again. They should have updated in nov that the items are not available. I had told the person that the gift was for that it was being delayed by the mail but now I have nothing to give them."

Collie lover says

"My daughter bought me Ugg winter boots a few years ago. They look ok and decent build quality but that's all they are. They are the worst winter boots I've owned. I own winter shoes that keep my feet much warmer that these useless Uggs. I'd have to wear super thick thermal socks to make these tolerable below 0c. Walking for more than 10 mins my feet are feeling the cold. Overpriced and for me will never buy or recommend Uggs Buy Merrell, Baffin which actually are made to keep feet warm in the coldest temps"

Ibadur Khan says

"Ordered a package early in December. When I ordered, I was told that it would only around 2 weeks to ship out. Although this was a long wait, I decided to wait it out. Fast forward a week after the supposed ship date, I call customer service and they tell me that it just came in stock and it will ship out that day or the next. I wait 3 days, and still no shipping email, and I call again. Once again, they tell me it will ship out in the next couple days. I still get not shipping confirmation, so I call once again. This time i'm told I wont receive my order until MARCH?!? That's 3 months after the date I was told I would receive the order. If the item ran out of stock, it would have been nice to tell me that instead of wasting my time. Now its too late for me to even buy anything else. Will never be purchasing off of the Uggs website again."

Celie says

"Absolutely horrible service during holiday season. Ordered 3 weeks ago and order has yet to ship. Told me it would be 5-7 business days for them to review problem and get back to me. Ordered in plenty of time for Christmas and will not have the gifts. Also won’t refund me for another 10 days so that i can buy something else"

Matthew Tanner says

"Terrible customer service take days to reply if not weeks. Took money off me a week before Christmas as said was in stock then they canceld the order and told me I will have the money back in 10 days. Not acceptable at all. They don’t care about there customers. I hope people stop using this company as you should not be treated like it. They ruined one Christmas present now as I haven’t got money to get another so that’s really upset me. What a joke ugg is"

Maria Sanna says

"I’m very disappointed that my parcel was lost and never got to me. I got my refund without explanation, but this isn’t the answer. After going back and forth with text msg I was told that I needed to contact the shipping company myself to find out. Just unbelievable!!!!!!Definitely need training and development and major customer service training. Because of this order I missed all the Black Fridays sales and ciber Monday. I will not recommend anyone to order from this site. This is the most horrendous customer service. In time like this people should not be aggravated or upset. Maria"

Tina Fuller says

"Very poor customer service. I ordered a coat for my daughter for Christmas and somehow it was returned to Ugg. I called to find out why and was told they would resend it. Shortly afterwards I received an email that I would be receiving a refund. I called to find out why I was receiving a refund and was told an error was made and a refund request was placed instead of reshipment. This is very frustrating and unprofessional. I’m told I have to place the order again and if it’s no longer in stock there’s nothing that can be done."

Kate McDermott says

"Customer service terrible...No return label, as they are now paperless, pages and pages of writing on the online chat and chassing up, to obtain one, as i dont have a printer, by the time i got this, my new items were out of stock. No stock information, can only join at waitlist, very stressful experience."

margarita Mondejo says

"I wore the shoes 4 times and the shoes got 3 different types of mold. Had to be thrown away. I have pictures containing the 3 times of molds."

Courteney Parry says

"They offered a promo saying you would get a $20 off coupon if you were apart of the rewards program and made a $50+ purchase. I created an account and made a purchase but never received the coupon. When I reached out they claimed the offer was only for premium members but this was not specified in the promo details. Misleading promos."

Aurela Neli says

"I have been chasing a refund for over a month, and each time the responses back are vague, contradictory and unhelpful. I bought a pair of black boots for my daughter to wear to school during the winter months. Unfortunately, within an hour of wearing them, she had massive blisters on her feet. The school had to call me to take another pair of shoes so that she could continue the day. I was unable to return the shoes to store as we had just entered our second lockdown in England - I called customer services and explained all of this. I was advised to send an email and request a refund, which I did (and included all the information necessary). No one came back to me for a while, and after chasing a few times, I kept being asked for proof of postage, despite receiving confirmation that they had received my return. Now they are sending me into another rigmarole with regard to proof of purchase, despite including the receipt number in my original email. They really do have some nerve, considering the prices they charge for basic products."

Kathiea Price says

"Never buy anything from them you’ll be better off purchasing from a retailer my boots were on back order for over a month I canceled the order and they held my funds for two weeks and I called to ask what was going on they told me it’s going to take another 5-7 business days I guess they are going to steal my money and hope I forget about it UGG I WANT MY MONEY NOW !!!!! And I want them to see this review it’s sad how you guys take care of business at this point I don’t think I will purchase another pair in my entire life you guys have lost a 20+year customer that who will never get caught wearing your product ever again! 🥂"

Julie says

"I bought some ladies slippers, save your money so not worth it. The soles are super thin!!! No support so much makes my feet hurt. I’ve paid $20 with more support"

customer says

"Bought a pair of UGG slippers and said I'd get 10%off at checkout out , but transaction went through and never got discount when I contacted UGG help service they said they can't do anything but give me 10% off my next order out of there courtesy !!!! Will definitely not be purchasing again especially the price you pay !!!!!!!"


"It’s very expensive. My son asked me to buy him a pair of UGG boots. At first, I agreed. Then, wgen I saw the price, I realized that the price is almost as twice as much in the US. I couldn’t afford it."

Jodie Robinson says

"I have had four pairs of Ugg slippers to date and they have been fantastic; they have each lasted 2 years, been very comfortable and great value. However, I recently purchased my fifth pair and was disappointed when within a couple of days there was a ridge forming under one of my feet as the insole was loose. I returned to Ugg and found their customer service a bit rude to be honest; no apology and tone of email almost indicates that you are making the fault up although doesn’t actually say that. They clearly found the product to be faulty as a brand new pair turned up but there was no communication or apology. Having worn the second pair for just one day, the same problem occurred so I have been in touch with customer service again and they still have a poor attitude. They have said to return the item but seemed to expect me to pay for the return. After years of being a loyal Ugg customer, their customer service more than product quality has put me off buying from then again (I’d have tried a different style if the customer service was better) so now I’ve bought some Sorel slippers from John Lewis and I’m happy again!!"

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